Why climb on the roof? What are you looking at?
I put on my jacket again and rushed out for a beauty with a graceful waist, which was neatly wrapped in a thin spring sundress. Legs in checkered tights, tricky sandals stepped on the threshold of a taxi.
Yesterday in a nightclub almost did not work out. I met one. Even huddled in a dark corner. I even managed to get under my blouse. And then Igor calls. "Where are you?". Damn, he said that he would leave for the day in Finland. I had to urgently wind to my club. I don’t like to fornicate there, there are too many acquaintances with long tongues. Do I need it?
He felt the warmth spread through his body with incredible speed, as the width of his trousers prevented his cock from escaping. He seated the girl in front of him, sitting as comfortably as possible in the chair, and finally freed himself. He grabbed her hair tightly and shoved his cock as deep into her mouth as possible. Tears flowed from her eyes again, tears of pleasure. He was so hot, so big, she licked the head of his cock, his lube was like a breath of air. And now the girl herself, enjoying what was happening, took it completely. His breathing became more rapid every second, he moved forward and forward. An unusual feeling covered him completely, it spread all over his body with goosebumps and tingling. Consciousness was so clouded that he did not even understand everything that was going on around him, although he hardly wanted to understand everything. She swallowed everything, to the last drop. If he was the one who devoured emotions, then she was the one who devoured him all. She completed her task*.
liveartbcs.com/afghanistan/02-04-2022. One and a half hours of talking about anything in the company of former classmates. I tried to pretend that I was shitting on the close view of Karich's eyes drilling me all evening, but I gave up, asked how she was doing, told about his own and offered her home.
I was waiting for her, stroking her body with my hands, touching her shoulder, running along her slightly visible ribs, along her small chest. I never understood how you can love only certain parts of the body, I admired her completely. Yes, maybe some parts attracted me a little more, but I loved to caress her all over, from the top of her head to the very feet, not missing a single area on this small, fragile, fantastic body.
At the same time, Galya stroked her cunt, either rolling her eyes or closing them completely. In the end, the member went into the ass to the very "grub". I already "got used" there and just fucked Galya in the ass. She sobbed contentedly, half closing her eyes and half thrusting the middle and ring fingers of her right hand into her pussy.
Galya looked around the guests of the meeting (there were only 5 7 of them). Then she began to speak. Her voice was the most ordinary, without any "mysticism", but at the same time somehow warm. I would say that he was broadcasting love vibrations.
When I put on the thong, at first I wanted to take them off, but I decided that this discomfort should be enjoyed and I got very excited. I got dressed in five minutes. Difficulties arose with the shoes they had too high stilettos. I stood on them and got used to their height for about five minutes, and then took five or six steps like nothing, cool. Only after 30 minutes I more or less got used to it. I liked how the studs clicked beautifully on the parquet. I will never forget these sounds in my life, especially since this clatter made me even more excited.